Consumption – ESP – WiFi – Battery

Microcontroller In this post, I’d like to take a moment to introduce the various ESP microcontrollers with Wi-Fi that I’ve used over time, in terms of battery operation. All devices are Wi-Fi capable and you can use ESP-NOW for communication, for example. Microcontroller Normal operationWifi ON Normal operationWifi Off Deep Sleep Day in Deep Sleepwith … Read more Consumption – ESP – WiFi – Battery

LaserGRBL with the OPEN-CNC-Shield

I connected a laser to the OPEN-CNC-Shield and recorded the whole procedure in the following video. By the way, the adapted firmware should also work with the Tillboard Extension or the Arduinoclub board. At least the most important functions for lasering. Actually all Estlcam boards with Arduino Mega base should work with it. Here is … Read more LaserGRBL with the OPEN-CNC-Shield