Consumption – ESP – WiFi – Battery

Microcontroller In this post, I’d like to take a moment to introduce the various ESP microcontrollers with Wi-Fi that I’ve used over time, in terms of battery operation. All devices are Wi-Fi capable and you can use ESP-NOW for communication, for example. Microcontroller Normal operationWifi ON Normal operationWifi Off Deep Sleep Day in Deep Sleepwith … Read more

MPCNC with TMC2209 driver

I bought a set of TMC2209 drivers from Amazon to replace the DRV8825 drivers on my OPEN-CNC-Shield. Background was that these drivers should be much quieter, have more adjustment possibilities and have a better cooling behaviour. Here is the video: My conclusion The expectations have been confirmed. Especially with a laser on the MPCNC, the … Read more

LaserGRBL with the OPEN-CNC-Shield

I connected a laser to the OPEN-CNC-Shield and recorded the whole procedure in the following video. By the way, the adapted firmware should also work with the Tillboard Extension or the Arduinoclub board. At least the most important functions for lasering. Actually all Estlcam boards with Arduino Mega base should work with it. Here is … Read more

DIY CNC Handwheel with Joystick

General Introduction This article is about a self-built handwheel / operating panel for CNC machines. I use this together with Estlcam and the OPEN-CNC-Shield. But any other software / board with the appropriate inputs should work as well. You can set the controls as you like. I put the Fusion360 file at Thingiverse, so you … Read more

MPCNC Autosquare upgrade

In this video I show how I upgrade and operate Autosquaring on my MPCNC. I use Estlcam and can now automatically align the axes before each use of the milling machines. Also there will be a small before/after comparison. Have fun watching. Parts used Component Description Link Endstop-holder The end stop holders used in the … Read more

Wireless Panel

Here is the current status of the radio prototypes. I am currently working on replacing the cable connection between the Tillboard Extension or the OPEN-CNC-Shield to the control panel with a wireless solution. For this purpose I have created various housings and tested different approaches. More about this in this short video: Also planned for … Read more