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In this post, I’d like to take a moment to introduce the various ESP microcontrollers with Wi-Fi that I’ve used over time, in terms of battery operation.

All devices are Wi-Fi capable and you can use ESP-NOW for communication, for example.

MicrocontrollerNormal operation
Wifi ON
Normal operation
Wifi Off
Deep SleepDay in Deep Sleep
with a 1000 mAh battery*
WEMOS D1 mini v3.0
Unfortunately no battery connector

Connection Micro-USB:
Connection at 5V Pin has the same values
67 mA15 mA44 uA976 Days
WEMOS D1 mini v3.0 with
WEMOS Battery Shield

Connection battery port at the battery shield
140 mA24 mA910 uA45 Days
Connection at Micro-USB from Battery Shield:70 mA18 mA3,54 mA12 Days
Connection Micro-USB from D1 mini:67 mA15 mA560 uA74 Days

Connection at battery port:
114 mA 39 mA350 uA119 Days
Connection Micro-USB:115 mA39 mA914uA44 Days
Firebeetle32 V4.0

Connection battery port:
115 mA38 mA13 uA3205 Days
Connection Micro-USB:116 mA39 mA670 uA62 Days
Connection VCC – with 5V:115 mA39 mA11 uA3787 Days
ESP32 – Devkit DOIT V1
Unfortunately no battery connector

Connection Micro-USB:
131 mA55 mA17 mA2,4 Days

* The value is only intended to provide a quick overview and is purely arithmetical. The duration is also affected by other factors, such as: self-discharge of the battery, discharge curve of the battery, the “awake” times of the microcontroller, etc.. These are not taken into account here.


Based on the table, I think you can pick the right microcontroller for your application.
The Firebeetle32 board from DFRobot is quite unrivaled when it comes to long battery use.
I was particularly disappointed here with the Battery Shield from WEMOS. Since the D1 Mini had such good values, I had hoped to have an inexpensive battery combination along with the Battery Shield. But that this itself has such a high power consumption is disappointing.

Battery Shields

Here are the results of my tests with some battery shields I tested.

ShieldSelf-consumptionDays with a 1000 mAh battery without consumer
18650 Battery Shield V3
for 1 x 18650 battery
Consistently 350 uA consumption, whether it is ON or OFF.119 Days
18650 Battery Shield V9
for 4 x 18650 batteries

Is not usable for a “deep sleep” project. Switches off at low current consumption and you have to press the on button again.
Standby(OFF): 200 uA
ON: 107 mA
Standby: 208 Days
ON: 0,4 Days

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